How To Book A Studio

  1. Read this entire page first before clicking the “Studio Bookings System” link in the “Studios” menu on this site! (You might want to bookmark the link and go straight to it in future.)
  2. Please register and activate a new account with the “Create an Account” button - enter your email address carefully!

Ensure you enter your real first and second names in the appropriate fields - these will appear on slots you book.
Your account will be disabled until this is fixed if you register with any other name.

  1. Log in with your username and password once you have activated your account.
  2. Click on “Schedule” (which will actually take you to the first option in that menu - “Bookings”).
  3. Find your Control Room slot, and click it - don’t worry about the studio for now if you want to book one.
  4. Next to the control room name, click “More Resources” to add a recording studio to your booking if you wish. Please don’t put separate bookings through for a control room and a recording studio, add the studio to your control room booking if required.
  5. Year 2 students booking for Live Sound practice - click “Accessories” and select the desk you wish to use during your slot. You must do this to ensure that it is available during your session!


  1. Under “Additional Attributes” at the bottom there are several pieces of information you must include:


Add your contact number.
Confirm if all attendees are on the B.Sc.
Add the names of the B.Sc. students attending.
Include Guest / Artist information (name, contact number and address) for non-B.Sc. Music Technology students only.
Leave a message if you desire.

If you use the recording studios after 17:30 or at the start of your slot on a weekend you must notify security that you are using the facilities.

Bookings without Guest / Artist information will require this information to be added (when bringing other people into the studios).

  1. Click create.
  2. The booking will be approved and confirmed via email within a few minutes (usually immediately).

Avoid changing the dates when you are in the process of creating a booking on the “Create a new reservation” page shown above. Click “Cancel” and click a different slot, as this way you will see what is available / already booked which is not evident when on the “Create a new reservation” page and changing the times of the booking.

If you wish to change your booking (which includes cancelling it or adding information) you can do this at any time by clicking on your booking, editing and clicking “Update”. Click “Delete” in the bottom left to delete your booking if you have to cancel - this will free the slot up for other people to book.

If you have any questions feel free to ask a member of the course team.