Studio Use FAQ

There is no audio when I play my session, how can I fix this?
Keep calm, and read on…

Check that the Playback Engine (Settings > Playback Engine) is set to either HDX or MADIxtreme (if available, depending on control room).
Avoid choosing to use the playback engine saved with your session (unless you have checked it is the correct choice) as this playback engine often isn’t available and results in Pro Tools using the built in audio output (played from out of the mac in the rack room - hence the no sound issue).

Is the desk still muted from when it started up?

Are the speakers turned on and up?

Do your tracks all have an output assigned? If they do, go to Setup > I/O > Bus and ensure that the correct output path is mapped to the bus you have used for your track outputs. If this does’t resolve the issue, select all paths in all tabs (Cmd+A) and delete them in each window, then hold Alt and load the B.Sc. IO Template with the import button in the bottom left of the I/O Setup window.

To rule out any gremlins resulting from an improper startup / shutdown turn off the speakers, restart or shutdown the mac and then turn off the main rack power switch. Wait a few seconds and turn everything back on again.

A second monitoring setup can be used with the C|24 for A/B'ing purposes – as is used in Control Room 1 to switch between the Genelecs and the PMCs. Check that the Alt Mon button in the monitoring section (top right) is set correctly.

Sometimes, a silly person turns off the SSL Alphalink in the rack separately from the main rack power switch. This is the audio interface (or more specifically the ADC/DAC) for the HD systems and so will result in no sound being played back in the control room. Turn it on if there are no lights lit on it and you should get sound back. It might be a good idea to restart just to make sure everything talks correctly to each other.

The listen mic and talkback will always work as they are analogue functions physically routed through the wall box via the C|24 so they are no clue as to whether recording / playback will work. The listen mic being audible will confirm that the speakers are turned up / on though!
The C|24 is offline when I open a session in Pro Tools? I miss it so, how can I bring it back to life?
Settings > Periperals > Ethernet Controllers [tab]

Select en0 from the dropdown menu and then tick the "Enable" tick box.
Once Pro Tools has scanned for available ethernet controllers select your control room (CR) in the #1 dropdown menu.

And no it is not funny to select another control room and pretend you are a ghost that likes to possess faders.
Something wasn't working during my session and I'm pretty sure it wasn't down to me, what should I do?
Make sure you’ve done everything you can to fix the problem - and take note specifically of what you have tried. If one of the course team is around we will do everything we can to help, we’ll still want to know what you’ve tried to do to fix the problem though.

If no one’s available, try to find a workaround then drop me an email after your session stating the problem and the specific things you’ve tried. Be as descriptive as possible and I’ll have a look to see what the lie of the land is.
Finding workarounds are usually part of the solution and are necessary to maintain a professional demeanour and to keep the session moving.
My session is playing back at a slightly different pitch than it used to, what’s going on?
Your session is likely at 44.1 kHz rather than 48 kHz. All studios are locked to 48 kHz sample rate and this is close enough to 48 kHz that Pro Tools allows playback still for reasons related to Post Production workflows (google Pull-up and Pull-down if you want to know more).

File > Save Copy In and change the sample rate to 48 kHz then re-open the newly saved session and everything should be ok.