Studio Booking FAQ

How do I book a studio?
Follow the steps outlined on this page.
Do I need to let anyone know I’m using the studios when I come in after booking?
If you are using the recording studios after 17:30 on Monday - Friday, and at any point on Saturday and Sunday you must notify Security staff that you are using the facilities. This is just so that they are aware who is in the building outside of times during the normal working week.
The studio cupboard / main entrance is locked and I can’t get in, what should I do?
From time to time the main entrance or studio store room are locked in error by cleaning staff or caretakers. If you can’t find a member of the course team feel free to ask security to open the doors for you - you might want to take your ID with you as they could ask you to prove you are a student before letting you in!
Can I bring people into the studios with me?
Yes! As long as you complete the “(Non BSc) Guest / Artist Information” section with their details when creating a new reservation, so we know who is coming into the studios. This ust be completed in order for you to book a studio.
Who needs to fill in the Guest / Artist Information Section, me or the people I am bringing in?
You need to complete these details. As the person booking the slot it is your responsibility to collect the appropriate details and to ensure that they are submitted before your session.
Why do you need people's addresses and contact details?
We need them so we can contact people if anything has been left in the studios and also so we can contact people if any equipment is damaged our goes missing. Collection of details is not negotiable and not optional but rest assured that details will only be used for the aforementioned reasons (and only if necessary). If you do not obtain and provide contact details for the people you are bringing in you cannot book the studios.
How do I book a studio at the same time as a control room?
When creating a reservation, click the “More Resources” link next to the control room name and select the studio as well. This keeps both rooms (“resource”) bookings linked together rather than you having to complete another booking just for a studio.
Can I pick my own slot times?
No, I'm afraid not. The slots are sized to fit the highest number of useable slots into each day, and are positioned around lessons. You must stick to the planned slots so as to avoid an hour here and there being wasted as people start their sessions slightly later or earlier than the planned slots.
How much notice do I need to give before the slot I want to book?
No notice is required per se to attempt to make the bookings system as flexible as possible, so please use the bookings system to log you are using the studios, to confirm your slot and to avoid being disappointed if someone else gets there first.

It is important that you appear on the calendar so that we can efficiently plan studio maintenance around the booked slots.

It is also important that you let security staff know you are in the studios if you are staying beyond 17:30 or using the studios on a weekend.

You can’t add yourself to a slot which has already begun (e.g. you can’t book yourself into a 14:15 slot at 14:30, but please make sure you are on the calendar as much as possible.
How do I turn on Control Room 7?
There is a power switch in the trunking on the right hand side of the desk labelled “Canford Splitter”. This it the equivalent of the rack power switch in other control rooms – turn this on to power on everything in the control room. You likely will need to turn up the volume (to full) on each speaker manually and control the level with the SLP volume knob on the right of the desk.
If I'm 5 or 10 minutes late that's ok though, right?
Well, not really as it isn't particularly professional to be late at all. When paying by the hour people tend to be quite prompt to arrive at sessions, mainly because they are paying whether they are there on time or not, so it's a good idea to get there early to check you have everything you need.

If you are late and other people want to use a studio, it may be assumed that you are not turning up and you will forefit your session. This is not something which is done lightly but on the occasion that a session is needed or a person is late (and no one knows) this rule may—and has in the past—been invoked.

If you are late for an evening slot there may be no one there to let you in if the studios have been locked!
I broke something during my session, what should I do?

Head for Mexico.

You are responsible for all the equipment during your session, this includes equipment being used by the people you have brought into the studios. Part of being responsible is owning up to any mishaps which may happen during your session. This is not an excuse for damaging equipment, however, it will ensure other people's sessions are note affected by damaged equipment – there is nothing worse than going to line check a mic and finding it doesn’t work.
Can I borrow equipment from the studios?
Some equipment yes. Take a look at the Equipment Borrowing section of my website for a list of what you can borrow. That is a comprehensive list and anything not on it is not available to borrow.