How To Borrow Equipment

Equipment Borrowing

If you wish to borrow equipment from the studios please complete the form, (available from its own sub-section) with a minimum of 3 working days notice (keep reading though!).

Please note:

Once the online form has been completed, a member of staff will be available between 09:30 and 09:50 each day between Monday and Friday for you to collect the item(s) (subject to availability) and you must sign for the item(s) when you collect them, and have them signed for when you return them. It is important that you come to collect equipment before 9.50 am so as not to disrupt preparation for classes beginning at 10 am.

Equipment loans are strictly for 24 hours only and you will be banned if you return things late. Equipment is used in classes and late return disadvantages other students and staff who rely on the same equipment for lessons.

Items must be personally returned to a member of staff between 09:30 and 09:50 the following day. It is important that you come to return equipment before 09:50 so as not to disrupt preparation for classes beginning at 10:00.

Leaving items in the studio store cupboard leaves you personally liable for them still - they must be returned to a member of staff.

Make sure you have your form signed to prove you returned the items.

You are responsible for any equipment borrowed so take care of things!

You are expected to provide your own cabling, stands and batteries when borrowing equipment. This is to ensure that consumables such as batteries are fully charged in any equipment you rely on when you borrow equipment from the college, as you can ensure that the batteries you use are charged and will hold their charge during use.

Please see the Equipment Lending List page to see which pieces of equipment can be borrowed.