Feedback Trainer v2 Donation (Mac OS X)

Feedback Trainer v2 Donation (Mac OS X)
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Donation version of Feedback Trainer, for those who wish to acknowledge the time taken to create this application. Thank you, good karma will be coming your way!


Practice recognising different frequencies with this free piece of software inspired by the Simple Feedback Trainer. This is useful for tuning feedback recognition skills necessary when working in the live sound industry to stop feedback frequencies by using a graphic equiliser. It is also a useful skill for any sound engineer, to be able to recognise frequencies in a certain range or at a specific frequency.

Feedback Trainer will always be available free of charge due to the work of Ian Gregory and David J Taylor on Simple Feedback Trainer being released for free. I created my Feedback Trainer as there was no specific Mac feedback training software available - until now!

Feedback Trainer allows you to select a frequency range to be tested over (which allows you to tailor the frequencies produced to your sound system / headphones) and also offers the option to generate specific frequencies for you to familiarise yourself with what each band sounds like.

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