Pro Tools 10

Fantastic, a new version of Pro Tools however I just thought I’d echo the thoughts and feelings of Avid Certified Instructors across the globe (as I largely agree). All Avid instructors are connected via a mailing list, which allows Pro Tools related issues to be discussed between professionals across the globe.


With the release of Pro Tools 10 came some new features (which is always good) but at an inevitable cost to upgrade. I share the concern that the now yearly scheduled upgrades so far contain relatively minor features such as RAM fades and realtime clip gain. Although also including numerous other features (a new plugin architecture), they have been described as “under the hood” upgrades; a label with which I agree – not necessarily customer focused new breakthrough features. Yes Pro Tools 9 was a shock – with the ability to choose your interface, but no matter how many videos Avid make showing people sat in the sunshine mixing this is NOT some kind of breakthrough feature – is is a built in feature of every major operating system used by every other major DAW from the year dot.

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Engineering work featured

The band I recently recorded and EP for “Cult of Whores and Dogs” have been hitting the promo wagon hard and have had songs I engineered played on various radio stations and have been reviewed in various magazines.

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It’s nice having positive things said about my work (actually it’s nice having anything said about my work!).