My iPad Experience

Although I had naturally formed opinions about iPads, I had until now kept quiet as any opinion would have been largely hypocritical, given that I had never used one. My main opinions resulted from drawing comparisons between what I had read about Android and the iPad (yes, contrary to common American grammatical butchery, the iPad is an entity not a concept and therefor the word “the” should undoubtably be used). This largely focused on price and ecosystem but no longer, as I am fortunate enough to be able to borrow one for a weekend to kick the tires!

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More Apple playing God

This is really getting to me now, I am going to recategorize these kind of posts as Crapple.

Apple removed PayPal’s app when they added the ability to donate to charity with it. The app raised $10,000 before being removed. Info pertaining to apple’s 30% cut and an insistence to use Safari for donations seem to be to blame.

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When will people wake up!

Apple recently rejected a magazine app from the app store because the subject was Android. God forbid people should find out how much greener the android grass is!

Being able to read about the topics you choose, via the methods you choose is a most basic right. Ok so at the moment you are free to use the interweb to read about topics of your choice, but is it just me or are Apple likely to keep pushing this as far as they damn well like? As I’ve said before, it’s their architecture, app store and hardware so they can do what they like. Granted, if they go too far they well drive customers away, but not until their contacts are up, and everyone seems blind to the less pleasant side of the iPhone experience anyway.

Blind, or reluctant to admit they are unhappy with their new buddy for the next 2 years?

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