Vinyl Comparison – Background

Firstly, I’d like to just cover some interesting things I’ve discovered about the medium, as I believe they play a major part in why there are supposed differences between modern high fidelity digital formats (of which I only consider their to be only one – CD quality WAV) and vinyl releases.

As I mentioned in the introductory post, what goes on on the surface of a record is largely black magic to me, and the process of converting 1s and 0s into an audible waveform makes much more sense. However, after doing a bit of reading, I may have shed some light onto the surface of those little discs.

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Vinyl Comparison

Of late I have begun my vinyl journey.

Having borrowed a turntable from my father-in-law, my record collection is growing. The acquisition of more and more records has taken place based solely on the experience of listening to the albums as until now, I had performed no direct comparison between vinyl and the digital counterpart of the same track. I have performed the recordings and will post a separate entry detailing my findings and opinions. I suppose the fact that I have continued to invest in vinyl undermines any ‘findings’, as I’ve already decided I like the medium, but a greater understanding of the medium is what I seek. Let’s face it, the concept of 1s and 0s becoming music makes more sense to me than the black magic going on on the surface of a record so I wanted to understand more about the medium; this is what the follow up post will attempt to achieve.