On the ‘My Music’ page now is my remix of Olav Basoski’s SomeTrack. I did this firstly because a fancied a bit of a different challenge and secondly, because I fancied a shot at winning all the sweeet gear of offer for submitting this remix into the remix contest!

I hate bands putting tracks online named ‘…..UNMIXED’ or ‘……Not Finished Yet’ ; they’re just excuses for ‘….dont know what we’re doing’ however, I do have some excuses to make for myself so here are mine…

I mixed this on a pair of headphones. Very good headphones, but still headphones, so if it is a bit trebbly or has crazy bass I’m sorry. My speakers have gone kaput and I can’t set up my NS10s at the moment so the headphones it was.

There, I’m done.

Thanks to Mike for the advice he gave me as this was, a step into the unknown for me.


Hope you like it, here’s the link