Feedback Trainer v1.5

I have now finished my Feedback Trainer and updated it somewhat. As well as the features mentioned in the previous post I’ve added in the option to change the audio drivers to use external sound cards (thanks for the heads up Jose!); a slight oversight on my part but it is fixed now.


It is available in the My Software section of my website so if you want to become more familiar with what different frequencies actually sound like tuck in!

Feedback Trainer

I am currently writing a piece of software in MAX5 to allow people to train themselves to recognise different frequencies and find the appropriate fader on a 31 band graphic EQ. This is a very useful skill to have when working in the live sound industries, but is also very useful for anyone who works with audio.

Current features include:

Frequency range selection – choose from between 20 Hz – 20 kHz to only mid range frequencies or a laptop orientated frequency range

Show the answer and your previous guess

Coming features:

Show a list of your last few guesses, along with the current frequency

Choose a frequency to hear (separately from the current test frequency)

Automatically move on to a new frequency when you guess correctly

I will be giving this away for free on both Mac and PC as I wish to continue the tradition created by the Simple Feedback Destroyer, which does the same thing but for windows only and which has also always been free.