Rooting My HTC Desire

I decided to root my Desire so I thought I’d post my experiences. Firstly, the purpose of rooting was to extend my interest in my Desire as it nears the end of its two year contract. Having used a 3rd party launcher for some time the next step was rooting really, as the only way to change the system further is to install an completely new OS. Secondly, I had also had confirmed that I was¬†eligible¬†for an upgrade, so I had a safety net if everything went horribly wrong (which is a possibility when rooting, make no mistake!).

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A switcher

I have a friend who has recently deserted apple, sold the iPhone and bought an HTC Desire (like mine). Some interesting info from someone who has experienced both the Android and the iOS experiences.

Seems that Android is just as polished as iOS (in his opinion), the Google integration rocks, and the customisation makes it worth the switch.

Makes me feel good anyway!

He bought his phone sim free so was able to get the latest update, for which I have to wait until Virgin Mobile release it.

Swype – first impressions…

I am trying the Swype beta and am writing this post with it. I have been experimenting with it for about 45 mins and felt like writing this post to have an excuse to write something real!

For those who don’t know what Swype is, it is the current Guinness World Record holding mobile input method for text entry.

It works by swiping between letters on the keyboard and this does genuinely make things faster, honest (well, it certainly makes typing more fun anyway)!

The software then interprets your scribbles and miraculously produces words!

Android – first impressions

Having had my Desire for about two months, I thought I’d post about my thoughts on the whole experience.

To start off, the whole experience is a very fluid one; as long as you have a Google account. Make no mistake, in order to get the best experience from an Android phone you need to have no preconceptions about ‘The Big G’. It has to be said, if you’re considering a phone running Google’s (modified or otherwise) OS and you’re not too sure about them being ‘too powerful’ etc. then you shouldn’t be getting an Android phone.

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