It’s Hard to Believe that this Insane Real Time 3D Demo Is Not a Real Life Video

Not “3D” in the gimmicky sense, this demo illustrates how close to indistinguishable CGI has become. You can see from the article text that this is not some kind of rendering farm, it is created in realtime (you can see the mouse pointer manipulating the canvas) with a Radeon 5870 in an Intel Core i7-based PC.


On the recommendation of a colleague, I recently played the game “Journey” available from the PlayStation Network Store and made by “thatgamecompany“, so I thought I’d write a post about it.

The game was a new experience for me as, in my naiveté I was unaware that it was possible for relatively small companies to make and distribue games. As a result of the PSN Store it is financially viable it would seem, for “non-mainstream” games to be produced which allow drastically different gaming experiences than certainly I was used to.

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Really enjoying Red Dead Redemption

I’ve been playing Red Dead Redemption on my PS3 and I have to say, I’ve really enjoyed the game. Although essentially GTA in the Wild West, it is clear that Rockstar have put a lot of effort into this title. Despite having a reputation for being buggy, I experienced only two bugs throughout the entire game, and only one of them skipped a small part of the story and wasn’t exactly the end of the world.

The game has more of a right vs. wrong aspect than GTA, with violence effecting how game characters respond to your character, and of course attracting the attention of the law (or other bounty hunters).

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Onkyo HT-S5405 1 Box 5.1 Surround Sound System

With the search for a 5.1 system beginning and ending quite quickly, I thought I’d post my thoughts on the new system. As Matt Harrison happened to see when he coincidentally brought his own receiver in for repair, I recently bought the system from Richer Sounds for £350. Although undeniably a lot of money, I have to say I am impressed with the value for money.

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OnLive Reaches The UK

I can’t believe how much more expensive OnLive games are in the UK now it has been released! I had a quick look today and the new games seem to be close the  normal retail price! This kind of negates one of the major advantages for me – great value. Anyway, I think this has certainly sealed OnLive’s fate in my eyes, especially with the special offers of 3 months playpack games – where’s the free hardware like they did in the US? What kind of launch is that?!


Anyway, OnLive has been removed from my computer, never to return – long reign consoles.


Good luck trying to play OnLive with “Infinity”. I’m not sure what it “infinitely” is, but with a 10GB monthly usage cap (the equivalent to 1 DAYs worth of peak time only caps on Virgin Media) you’re not going to be able to do much gaming. The first month doesn’t count towards your monthly bandwidth, yes only the first month, after that, and from what I can see – you’re screwed!


I really wanted OnLive to work, I really did. Maybe we are not quite ready for it yet?

More on Onlive

I have found out a bit more info about Onlive, which I talk about in the previous post.

After reading a post on the Onlive blog, it seems that there is a server in the UK, in Wales. A secret server no less!

There was a testing project for service to Europe and Onlive state that the range of each server is 1000 miles (due to the speed of light) – well within the range of Europe.

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The reason you will need a faster internet connection before long.

I had been wondering why I would need am internet confection faster than the current 10 Mbit connection the nice people at Virgin Media supply me. The only real reasons I came up with involved multiple people sharing a connection and all doing the youtube watching, downloading and bandwidth heavy activities which many people partake in each day.

These activities are easy enough to perform with a 10 Mbit connection (apart from 1080i youtubeing) so my question was what could we really need 20mb+ connections for.

Then I discovered Onlive.

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